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Umesh Kumar Parida

Nano Vermicomposting from Municipal Solid Waste: Challenges and Future Prospective of Plant Growth a

Catalogue No:NRME-MRP-2; Published date:27th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-25;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/nrme.mrp.2.2017.25

Umesh Kumar Parida

Eco-friendly Silver Nano-Biosensor for Identifying the Efficacy of Pathogen and Toxin in Glycine max

Catalogue No:NRME-MRP-1; Published date:08th May, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-26;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/nrme.mrp.1.2017.26