Cancer Cervix

Volume: 1,December 2017, Pages: 1-158

Cancer Cervix Eradication Day

ISBN: 978-81-934044-8-5

Received 12 June 2017; Accepted 13 November 2017

Available online 29 December 2017

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Cancer cervix is the fourth most common cancer in women around in the world and leading cause of cancer death in under-developed country. Pap smear has been the gold strand screening test for cancer cervix since its introduction in 1949. New technologies are available to detect Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection, the main culprit for cancer cervix. Besides, potent vaccines against high-risk HPV are available which can prevent 70% of all cancer cervix. Evidences suggest that spreading awareness is lacking in our population.

With this background, we have decided to observe a day as world cancer cervix eradication day which will be a platform to educate and create awareness on cancer cervix. The break through discovery “HPV infection causing cancer cervix” for which the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine was awarded in 2008 to Dr. Harald zur Hausen, and subsequent availability of vaccine against HPV infection has encouraged us to think in the direction of cancer cervix eradication. We, therefore, thought that the birthday of Dr. Harald zur Hausen on 11th march would be the most appropriate day to observe world cancer cervix eradication day. Since 2011, we are observing world cancer cervix eradication day at Cuttack and spreading cancer cervix eradication massage- CARE i.e.

C : Create awareness to prevent early marriage , multiparity, multiple sex partners and to maintain good genital hygiene.

A : Avoid infection through HPV vaccination.

R : Regular Pap test.

E : Early diagnosis and prompt treatment.