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Dr. Manorama Swain


Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-15; Published date:01st Aug, 2018; Volume:6; Page:459;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Debasish Sahoo and Bhagyashree Sahoo

Concise Biotech Dictionary

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-2; Published date:01st Nov, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-112;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Biswajit Rath

Alumni Meet 2017

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-7; Published date:22nd Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-120;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Niranjan Rout

Cancer Cervix Eradication Day

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-9; Published date:29th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-158;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Pradyumna Swain

Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Polymers From Chitosan

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-3; Published date:15th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-102;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Manoj Kumar Pati

Studies on Graft Copolymerisation of Vinyl Monomers onto Chitosan for Biomedical Applications

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-5; Published date:17th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-135;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Prakash Chandra Pal and Smruti Prava Das

Ion-Solvent Interaction of Water Soluble Drugs in Binary Solvent Systems

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-4; Published date:16th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-90;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Susanta Kumar Biswal

31st Annual Conference of Orissa Chemical Society and National Seminar on Recent Developments and Ap

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-8; Published date:23rd Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-98;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Er. Harihar Sethi

Sankhyatatwa Prabesha

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-13; Published date:16th Dec, 2018; Volume:1; Page:1-528;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Umesh Kumar Parida and Birendra Kumar Bindhani

Green Gold

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-1; Published date:25th Nov, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-111;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Umesh Kumar Parida, Jogeswari Rout, Gouri Sankar Roy

Nano Vermicomposting from Agricultural Wastes for Sustainable Organic Farming in Odisha

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-12; Published date:22nd Jul, 2018; Volume:1; Page:1-35;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Manoj Kumar Pati and Gouri Sankar Roy

Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based Polymer Nanocomposites

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-6; Published date:25th Dec, 2017; Volume:1; Page:1-106;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/

Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Sadasiva Biswal and Gouri Sankar Roy

Hall Effect on the Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Some Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Conducting Fluids

Catalogue No:NRME-BOOK-10; Published date:26th Mar, 2018; Volume:1; Page:1-216;
Newredmars Education ; DOI:10.28921/