Once you tie up with us we will be there to take you smoothly through various hurdles of research and teaching. Our experienced professionals will make the stringent and time consuming formalities easy for you

How to reach us?

  • For research technical support services, please visit our Click on the “Service menu”. Then you can give an order to us by “research support” menu. If you find any dispute, you can directly send your order to or without any hesitation. 

    Can I use the materials received from NRME Support as my own document?

  • Yes! Once the payment is made for the NRME Consultancy service, its all yours. NEWREDMARS EDUCATION consultancy service is encouraging research and education and give sources of ideas, innovations and supports to user/customer/client. You can use research technical consultancy services materials for your personal requirements. Our team or experts will not demand for any IPR (intellectual property right) for any materials and we will not publish any materials which we provided to you in our NRME library without your permission.    


  • We are providing three modes of payment through PAYTM SERVICE to user.  You can watch tutorial video by demo menu If you prefer any other modes of payment then please write to us at

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