1. How do I submit a study material for publication in NRME library?

  2. For study materials submission information, please visit our http://newredmars.com. In the right margin, click on the “submit your materials” you are interested in, and then click on the "submit" link.

  3. Can I change my user id and password?

  4. Yes, simply log into the website and click on "My Account.” Please make sure to enter an alphanumeric combination for both your user id and password. A password must be 8-14 character with at least one Upper case and one special character. 

  5. How do I get an order confirmation?

  6. You can request an order confirmation by contacting NRME Customer Service available in “contact us menu”.

  7. Can I submit my original and innovative materials in your website?

  8. Yes

  9. Can I use your materials for reference?

  10. Yes

  11. Can you prepare research study materials for my project?

  12. Yes, An expert team of NMRE is actively involved in designing the project for you. The team will also suggest you some innovative ideas that will best suit for your career. Team will do a  thorough review on the topic by going through the published articles starting from the beginning to most recently published research and review articles in different sources and then designing required study materials and send to the user.

  13. Can I make a personal document for commercial purpose with your materials?

  14. No! NRME library and service materials are only for learning and enhancing fundamental knowledge about the specific area of the subject.

  15. What methods of payment do you accept?

  16. NRME accepts Visa, MasterCard, online payment mode, credit card, debit card, check, money order, or purchase order as payment.

  17. Why was my submit materials not accepted?

  18. Your material either does not comply with our quality guidelines or the chosen tags do not sufficiently or correctly describe its content. This section is decided by editorial board and reviewer committee.

  19. How do I delete my account?

  20. A link for this purpose is given on the settings page inside your account (delete your profile).

  21. Can I request to modify the study material provided by NRME as per my requirements?

  22. Yes modification of study materials (only order form “service”) are allowed for Three times within 2 weeks of purchasing the materials and this service is free of cost for Three times only.

  23. Can I request more than 3 times to modify the study material as per my requirement?

  24. Yes. But in that case you have to pay as per your requirement. It’s a paid service.

  25. What if I need more than 3 times of correction in the materials provided?

  26. Please mention your order material id and send us the details of modification required to email id bookingnrme@gmail.com

  27. Important note for order form (Service):

  28. NRME is not responsible or not giving any guaranty about the authenticity of data provided by the author. The Author is solely responsible for his/her materials submitted.

  29. NRME is only providing the services to the needy. NRME will never claim any product as its own once the product is sold to anyone by the order form.

  30. You are free to communicate your order data in any other journals for publication. In case of Minor / major research project, you are free to apply to any other Govt. or private organizations as your own product.

  31. NRME will never disclose the details of its customers and his order.