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NRME project no.: 2
Expected time duration: 10 Yr
Department code: NRME-DOP


Education is a vital process of the development of any society. It is considered one of the main pillars of society. Education is the foundation of all types of developments in the world. It is a fact that in the world only those nations have made progress and development which have a sound education system. Education develops individuals. It creates awareness among the people about life and its challenges in the world. It fills empty minds with ideas and creativity.  Education serves as the backbone for the development of nations. The countries with the effective, impressive need oriented and effective system of education come out to be the leaders of the world, both socially and economically. It is only education which can turn a burden of the population into a productive human resource.  Our mission is providing a new innovative model of an education programme for the development of primary to the higher education system.  


  •   Review of literature current status on different type of education
  •   Pilot study on present problem of education and its solution
  •   Data collection from different institute about the status of education (decided by research committee).
  •   To design and prepare the for the of education for different purposes (Recommended by research committee).
  •   To start different types of project that specific area for the solution of the problem.
  •   To start different awareness programme for the development of education.
  •   To write articles/projects to Government Organizations and published in different International and home journals.

Details information

  • Poor Education is an international issue; we all are suffering from this problem.
  • This project to society for healthy social life.
  • The research committee of R&D cell of NRME working on this project.
  • These is a self sponsored project of NRME, and the company is inviting all interested candidates to  join in this project as a partner and sponsored as per their wish to make this project a success.
  • All candidates who in this project have to follow and accept the terms and conditions of NRME.
  • The interested candidate can contribute their money to this project only by the options  like draft/check/RTGS (Cash are not allowed).
  • The candidate (if wished) can work by himself in this project too. (See the demo of ongoing project).
  • Different sub proposals are designing under the project. All working partner can take ownership of a particular sub proposal and utilize research data for different purposes.