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NEWREDMARS EDUCATION PVT LTD (NRME) is the one stop solution to problems associated with education and research. Our Vision is to publish and provide innovative and recent research materials for the benefit of education. To provide a platform to exchange innovative ideas, thoughts and findings by publishing their research articles, review articles, book chapters or books in our journals covering wide range of fields. Our mission is to help in commercialization of research findings for the industries thereby ensuring benefits of the society.

NRME is fully locked and secure for every authenticated data. All NRME published research innovation data should be utilized for commercial and social development purpose after the consent of author. Every author is a member of this organization and they will get their remuneration for their research, innovation, creative ideas as per the rules of the company.

This NRME is not taking any publication and processing fees from the Authors for publication of their research articles and innovation data. We are for the first time giving the remuneration to authors on the selling of his/her research articles. We are also inviting and encouraging authors to communicate their innovative ideas and research in appropriate format. So let’s come Join with us.



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What we provide
  • PPT

    NRME online library offer limited time to free access different science subject research PPT pdf. You can download and read ppt in doc or pdf. You will be able to choose NRME SERVICE to suit your own need that related with your subject.

  • Scientific Survey Report

    NRME expert focus on applying scientific knowledge to develop designs, processes, and objects, conduct research using simulations, mathematical models, and a variety of tests to see how well their designs work.

  • Major Research Project

    NRME major research project provides scientific innovative concept for preparation and submission of project proposals for different research funding agency. This format may be used for submission of proposals by individual scientists and technologists as also for setting up of a Unit/Centre and Core Group around outstanding scientist or group of scientists.